Documenting The Things I Own (or at least the things I wear)

As a minimalist, it is not difficult to document all my clothes. I might go one step further and try to document all my things, but this is at least a start. And just a quick thought on the things I own: If it serves a purpose/ is useful or I find it to be beautiful, I’ll keep it.


T-shirts – 8

Undershirts – 5

Thermals – 4

Button-up – 2

Jackets – 5

Shoes – 4

Hats – 5

Pants – 6

Shorts – 4

Do socks and underwear count? No. Undershirts do though. Here are things I also have but don’t want to include. Gloves, ski stuff, golf/tennis shirt and equipment. Watches (7) and earrings, bed, keys, wallet, belt, drums, keyboard, books, bike, longboard.

I’ve been naming the stuff I own, for at least 15 minutes and I just thought of my car. Is that a necessity? What options can I explore: bus, bike and longboard when it gets warmer.


I want to collect how much stuff I own on my desk by measuring square footage. This includes the stuff that will fit into boxes like textbooks, and art supplies/ artwork.

I should be able to be able to fit my things into my car, excluding my bed and possibly drums and bike. But going back to my first post, this isn’t a set goal.


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