How to become a minimalist

This weekend I decided to really clean my room. I put away everything and got rid of the things I felt I didn’t need anymore. It feels good living in a clean room. All of the pictures are off my walls, every article of clothing has it’s place, and it’s nice. Most of what I am talking about I have already accomplished before starting this blog. For example, my wardrobe has been drastically reduced and all the pictures in my room have been taken down. But that is not what this post is about. What is the point of this post then? What is the thesis? I guess what I’m saying is cleaning on a regular basis is how I became a minimalist (or at least maintain the lifestyle).

Although it is not the case for me, traveling could really force a person into minimalism. I am confident that I could travel anywhere with all my things in my Honda Civic. My bike, drums, desk, keyboard, and bed might have to be split into two trips, but you get the picture.


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