Shipping Container Homes

There is a question I need to ask myself . . . How do I want to live in the future? If I can keep up my minimalist discipline, a shipping container home could be the way to go. With out answering if I do or do not want to live in a shipping container, I am going to research it.

Where to buy, how much, dimensions, zoning laws, water and electricity, off the grid?

These are a few of the things I need to question. It sounds like a good idea right now. There was a story in the news earlier this year talking about a starbucks coffee made out of shipping containers. I believe this one was made from two containers, but buildings can be from one container to a potential hotel city of containers.

What other benefits besides the environmental impact does living off the grid offer? What are the main disadvantages?


Mekaworld. Check this out! And go to StumbleUpon and under explore an interest, search shipping container architecture.


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