One of the best things we can do as people is question everything. I feel like this blog is taking a step towards just documenting one insignificant punk’s beliefs. If that’s the case, why not get into religion? People attribute that which they do not know to God, and that which we do not know is drastically decreasing. For this reason, I believe there are more atheists in the world today than any time in the past. However, I treat my beliefs, minimalism, atheism, etc.,, in similar ways; I don’t shove them down people’s throats, unless they ask for it. But back to the topic of questioning, the quest for knowledge and questioning are complimentary. I love to learn new things. TED talks are one of the resources the internet offers in helping me acquire new knowledge. StumbleUpon and iTunes podcasts are others that help me learn. I will make a sample page of videos that will explore the different ideas related to minimalism as well as videos that just have interesting information.

No discussion about the transfer of information would be complete without the mention of social networking. The people who stay on my friends list most likely offer something stimulating to me. I rarely get the “I’m sitting on the patio” status update. I think a whole new post can be generated with this idea.

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