Misconceptions About Minimalism

A quick google search yields many results for misconceptions about minimalism. Instead of rewriting what has already been said, I will give links to those pages:

Becoming Minimalist

Be More With Less

Erica Shaw

The take away point here is that minimalism is different for everyone. If you love television, watch all you want; if you love shopping, shop away; if you love video games, play until your thumbs fall off. For me, I am trying to find my level of comfort. I don’t need to wear hats, but I feel comfortable in them. I don’t need to drive to school, but I already bought a parking pass so deal with it. I am going to push this experiment further (maybe in the summer) but for right now, I am not going to drastically change the status quo. So, my plan for the summer is to really investigate minimalism throughly. The main points I want to address are  my wardrobe and my eating habits. I will wash my clothes by hand and plan out healthy meals each week.


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