Fight Club.

There are many other blogs that explain exactly what this post is about: Minimalism in David Fincher’s Fight Club.

Here is a perfect example!


I did a speech in public speaking class about minimalism in Fight Club, pretty cool right?


The Pace of Blogging.

What would it be like to write a book? Can blogging be a tool to help book writers? Each post is a smaller section of a larger topic, just like chapters in a book. The reason I thought about this post is because I have written many posts on Monday, February 13. Some were late Sunday night and I have waited to publish some of them, but still, that’s a lot for one day. Blogs seem to do better when the writer paces himself. But would any author work this way? If you get on a roll in any discipline, you’re not going to stop to space out your success. So write as much as you want when you want to. That’s my motto.

Social Networking.

Delete is your best friend.


One of the best things we can do as people is question everything. I feel like this blog is taking a step towards just documenting one insignificant punk’s beliefs. If that’s the case, why not get into religion? People attribute that which they do not know to God, and that which we do not know is drastically decreasing. For this reason, I believe there are more atheists in the world today than any time in the past. However, I treat my beliefs, minimalism, atheism, etc.,, in similar ways; I don’t shove them down people’s throats, unless they ask for it. But back to the topic of questioning, the quest for knowledge and questioning are complimentary. I love to learn new things. TED talks are one of the resources the internet offers in helping me acquire new knowledge. StumbleUpon and iTunes podcasts are others that help me learn. I will make a sample page of videos that will explore the different ideas related to minimalism as well as videos that just have interesting information.

No discussion about the transfer of information would be complete without the mention of social networking. The people who stay on my friends list most likely offer something stimulating to me. I rarely get the “I’m sitting on the patio” status update. I think a whole new post can be generated with this idea.

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Leo Babauta is the poster-child for minimalism. I have read his blog, mnmlist throughly and consider many of his ideas as I wonder this place we live in. He has another blog called zenhabits. I have not read the latter as much but what I have seen is good stuff. I’ll revisit that blog to gather more ideas for what to do in my life now. I’ll even link you to the FAQ page on mnmlist. He has given me inspiration to enjoy what I enjoy (what a concept!) and inspiration to fight the evil beast that is consumerism.

Here is another minimalist blog:

And if you want to get really crazy, here’s a huge list of minimalist blogs.


Comedy is an unlikely source of inspiration to me. Bill Maher, George Carlin, and similar left-wing nut jobs can really spit some truth. There are two videos that come to mind when I consider these two minds. Jon Stewart,  Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, Louis CK and pretty much any British comedian (including Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Karl Pilkington, David Mitchell, and Stephen Fry)  are also very influential to me.

Instead of talking about them, why not watch. . .

George Carlin.

**I’ll add more later**

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I have a golden mean rectangle tattoo’d on my left forearm. Phi is the proportion of the lengths of the sides. A related mathematic idea is the Fibonacci Sequence. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc. The quotient of adjacent Fibonacci numbers approaches phi as the numbers get larger. Phi is approximately 1.618. The ancient greeks knew this ratio to be pleasing to the eye, so they incorporated the number into the Parthenon. The tattoo is a combination of art, science, and mathematics. But as with any good story there is another message. The simple black rectangle is a reminder for me to live simply (or simply live).

Maybe I’ll add pictures later!


How to become a minimalist

This weekend I decided to really clean my room. I put away everything and got rid of the things I felt I didn’t need anymore. It feels good living in a clean room. All of the pictures are off my walls, every article of clothing has it’s place, and it’s nice. Most of what I am talking about I have already accomplished before starting this blog. For example, my wardrobe has been drastically reduced and all the pictures in my room have been taken down. But that is not what this post is about. What is the point of this post then? What is the thesis? I guess what I’m saying is cleaning on a regular basis is how I became a minimalist (or at least maintain the lifestyle).

Although it is not the case for me, traveling could really force a person into minimalism. I am confident that I could travel anywhere with all my things in my Honda Civic. My bike, drums, desk, keyboard, and bed might have to be split into two trips, but you get the picture.

Shipping Container Homes

There is a question I need to ask myself . . . How do I want to live in the future? If I can keep up my minimalist discipline, a shipping container home could be the way to go. With out answering if I do or do not want to live in a shipping container, I am going to research it.

Where to buy, how much, dimensions, zoning laws, water and electricity, off the grid?

These are a few of the things I need to question. It sounds like a good idea right now. There was a story in the news earlier this year talking about a starbucks coffee made out of shipping containers. I believe this one was made from two containers, but buildings can be from one container to a potential hotel city of containers.

What other benefits besides the environmental impact does living off the grid offer? What are the main disadvantages?


Mekaworld. Check this out! And go to StumbleUpon and under explore an interest, search shipping container architecture.


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My new found quest for knowledge in spite of public school has made me want to read more. I want to read 30 non-fiction books and 20 fiction books. I am at 4 and 4 respectively right now. I will keep updating the list as I go. I am only counting book I have read for pleasure. No school projects.

Non-fiction Books that I have read and enjoyed:

– Open Andre Agassi

– Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far Stefan Sagmeister

– Made You Look Stefan Sagmeister

– How To Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul Adrian Shaughnessy


– The Stranger Albert Camus

– The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka

– Catcher In The Rye J.D. Salinger

– The Harry Potter Series