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Story time.

I first read this story on the internet when I was researching minimalism for my own enjoyment. It was a comment on a blog post about minimalism. Here is the link to that page: Minimalism Is The New Consumerism.

And the story:

“There was a man in India who was traveling on a train, and he had all of his possesion in a bag which was sitting in the luggage compartment above him. He was very tired, but couldn’t fall asleep for fear someone would steal everything he owned when he closed his eyes. After hours of fighting to keep his eyes opened he eventually closed his eyes, but shortly after he woke up again realizing he almost fell into a deep sleep. He checked to see if the bag was still there. The bag was gone. He yelled, ‘Thank Goodness! Now I can finally sleep without worrying about that bag.’ “

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